10 Step Guide to the Planning Permission Process

10 Step Guide to the Planning Permission Process

It is easy to feel that you are in the dark regarding the planning permission process, so this guide aims to provide you with all the information regarding the process before it starts so you know what to expect at every stage.

When do you Need Planning Permission?

Planning permission is needed for a number of home renovations, especially if they will be of a reasonable size. Changing the aesthetic of your property in a significant way, demolishing areas of the property, or building new features are all likely to be subject to the planning process, at least in one way or another.

Permitted development is also a factor to bear in mind, however. Permitted development rights allow property owners to make smaller changes to their house (but not flats, maisonettes, or other building types) without the need for planning permission, and this can go as far as to include barn and garage conversions, loft conversions and even smaller house extensions.

1. Preparation – 1 week

During this stage, we add the location map and site details to the application. This is when we produce the planning drawings of your designs. If your planning permission application requires a planning and design statement, these will be written and added to the application and all 3rd party consultants are sourced and collated ready for submission.

2. Applying for Planning Permission & Application Fee – 1 week

At the submission stage, we complete and submit the relevant forms on the Planning Portal. We provide them with your contact details so that they can directly email you to pay the planning application fee on the Planning Portal. Once this fee has been paid, the Planning Portal will then submit the application to your local council to check and review.

3. Acknowledgements – 2 weeks

Once your local council have received the application from the planning portal. We receive confirmation from the local council. This will be forwarded to you along with the application reference number and case officer.

4. Validation Check – 2-3 weeks

During this stage of the planning permission process, the planning Admin at your local council will check the application fits all criteria on the validation checklist to be reviewed by the Planning Officer. If sections of the application are missing or extra detail is needed, this will be sent by us so that the application can then be passed on to the Planning Officer.

5. Validation and Decision Date – 1 week

At this stage, your application will be live at your local council. A decision date will be issued for your application to receive confirmation whether it has passed planning this is usually for around 8 weeks later.

6. Consultation Period – 2-3 weeks

During this phase, the Planning Officer will write to the neighbours, highways England, environment, relevant utility services etc regarding the application. They will also put up notices on lampposts in the vicinity and speak to the local Parish Council regarding the application.

7. Consolidation – 1-2 weeks

All comments from neighbours and various consultees are collated during this stage of the planning permission process, along with information from the Parish Council and the lamppost notices, ready for the Planning Officer to review.

8. Determination – 2-3 weeks

The Planning Officer will then look at the proposal against the relevant planning policies and consultees comments. The Planning Officer may request design changes at this point if required to pass the planning application. After this, a decision will be issued unless the application is delegated to the committee.

9. Delegation (If Required) – 2-3 weeks

If the application is deemed as contentious, the application will be delegated to the committee to review. They typically sit once a month after reviewing the application and visiting the site.

10. Planning Permission Process Decision – 1 week

At this point, a decision will be reached, and you will be updated by us. We will then advise you on the next steps. If the application is unsuccessful, we will be in touch to discuss a redesign or resubmission. There is no application fee for resubmissions within 12 months.

If you have further queries regarding the planning permission process you can use the FAQs on the planning portal, or contact us about our own planning drawing service via info@onlinedrawinguk.com or 01482 441948

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