Do I need a site survey? And your other questions answered

your questions answered

These are the questions we get asked frequently with regard to online planning regulation drawings and building regulations drawings.

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Do my drawings have to be perfect?
The short answer is no.

We can work from the majority of drawings.

Do I need a site survey?
Surveying is a very broad term and simply means measurements and visual references. A surveyor or architectural technician will only survey what can be seen, which leaves assumptions to be made.

Photos of the property will tell our designers as much as a walk round the site will. Things such as drains, foundations, external wall composition have to be assumed whether an on-site survey takes place or not.

The overall shape and structure of the house can be determined by accumulating all the internal window, masonry, and door sizes! Then outside boundaries affecting the design can be referenced, and an OS map will tell me where they are. The heights outside can be jotted down – see the self survey guide for further information.

Will I need a steel engineer?
Your local authority can provide information on the ground conditions, which will determine the type of foundation.

80% of the time strip foundations can be used and so typically what we specify.

Do I need an architect to visit?
No we can provide the necessary expertise using the information you provide us of your home
Do I need building regulations?
Some smaller build projects do not need building regulations, but any structural addition will most likely need a building certificate which comes via building control. Without one you may struggle to sell or insure your property.
Do I need drawings?
You can build without drawings, but getting the design and detail right ensures the builder does what you want and building control can inspect against approved drawings standards.
Can I survey my own property?
Yes, most architects only measure what is visable and make assumptions from knowledge upon what they measure and see. Using a good range of photos and measurements you can be our eyes. Also with the internet in every house email is a great way to communicate and share information.
Do I need planning?
We can advise on whether you need planning, permitted development enquiry, prior notice or change of use in our initial free discussions.

Follow link to interactive house  https://interactive.planningportal.co.uk/

Do I need to be able to draw?
No, floor plans are basically square rooms. It is very easy for us to draw scaled drawings from basic sketches with measurements.
How long will it take?
Once we have drawn the existing and designs we can have either planning or building regulations packages ready and submitted within a week

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