Land Registry Compliant Plans & Title Deeds

We offer scaled drawings and plans compliant with land registry applications to change or alter title deeds and to aid your application. We produce the plans from purchased OS maps and have them ready for you within one week of your order, making sure that you have every chance of success.

Deed plans and land registry compliant drawings are an essential part of buying and selling land. If the land hasn’t changed hands for a number of years or is not yet registered in the newer systems in place, it’s usually unavoidable.

By using ordinance survey maps, we are able to ensure that our land registry drawings are of the highest possible quality meeting the government guidelines and giving you the best possible chance at having your application approved and get you on your way.

This covers New Developments, Title Split, Boundary Disputes, Ownership, Wills, Mortgages, Conveyances, leased etc and will form a part of your solicitors’ application.

What are title deed plans and drawings?

Title deeds are paper documents showing the chain of ownership for land and property since it was registered.

In the 1990’s, land started to be registered nationally on what is now a computerised database and in most cases the Land Registry now hold all relevant information required to ‘prove’ ownership. However, title deeds and associated land registry plans are still useful when trying to establish historic ownership and in the resolution of boundary disputes should they ever occur for whatever reason.

The Importance of Quality Title Deed and Land Registry Compliant Drawings

Title deeds and land registry compliant plans are essential in the legalities of buying a house and even transferring or leasing a part of a registered estate.

The transfer of title deeds is one of the stages of a successful purchase. Some people may also need to refer to their title deeds when seeking planning permission for certain development projects.

It generally comes down to the majority of significant events when exchanging land or property

The government guidelines on the matter even state that good quality plans are important to:

  • “give buyers a clear understanding of what they have bought”
  • “provide a sound basis should problems arise at a future date”
  • “ensure applications lodged with HM Land Registry will be processed more efficiently and effectively”
  • “lead to HM Land Registry rejecting fewer applications”
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