BMS Builder Management

BMS Builder Management

Empowering Building Organizations: Meet BMS Builder Management

We are a unique collaboration between a software designer and an architectural design project management company. After extensive research on the reasons behind the failure of many small to medium-sized building businesses, we have devised a comprehensive solution. Our revolutionary builder management system is user-friendly, facilitating seamless information exchange between the site and the office, resulting in improved planning, client communication, cost management, and more.

Our management system prioritizes the ease of use for builders and tradesmen on-site, while also offering advanced office and business management applications. This all-in-one system is perfectly suited for efficiently managing an entire building organization. With Chris Lawson’s 25 years of experience in the architectural design industry and the invaluable software programming expertise of Denis Korsakov, our system has been meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of the construction industry.

Understanding the Causes of Failure in Small Building Businesses

After years of providing architectural project management services to building companies of all sizes, we have observed that rapid growth poses a significant challenge. It’s not about encountering numerous unscrupulous builders; instead, honest and skilled builders often become victims of their own success. Initially, a capable hands-on builder can effectively handle one or two smaller projects, dedicating a couple of hours each day after their strenuous physical work. However, the situation changes when their reputation spreads, leading to an influx of requests and projects. Suddenly, the builder finds themselves transitioning from a builder to a business manager.

Taking on the role of a business manager requires quickly acquiring a multitude of new skills and knowledge, including sales, marketing, accounting, HR management, recruitment, and more. In addition, they must continue managing the construction site, coordinating labor, allocating resources, procuring materials, creating project schedules, and ensuring proper oversight of subcontractors and trades. Simultaneously, they must also maintain consistent communication with clients, ensuring they are informed throughout the entire process. This immense workload often leads to something breaking, and unfortunately, it is typically either the builder’s personal well-being or the overall business.

How does Builder Management System work?

The builder management system we offer presents a flexible framework that can be implemented on a small scale and easily scaled up as your business grows. It incorporates user-friendly dashboards tailored to office and site needs, enabling seamless capture of vital information from your workers and construction sites. By maintaining real-time project updates and facilitating week-to-week planning and client communication, it simplifies the management process.

At the heart of the system lies a communication circle: tradesmen log their daily task times, senior builders report task progress and request material purchases, and administrators or project managers gain a live overview of project status, allowing them to assign tasks to the site on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This forms the core functionality of the system. Additionally, the system offers a comprehensive range of management tools that can be instantly utilized or gradually implemented as your business expands into multiple projects.

Our BMS functions

Sales and Enquiries:

Our user-friendly sales stage system ensures that all necessary documents and information are readily available for generating accurate quotes. Additionally, it enables you to effortlessly track the progress of potential clients as they move through the sales pipeline.

Programme Writing:

Our innovative programme writer goes beyond mere project illustrations. It dynamically generates site tasks that can be easily accessed by your tradesmen, enhancing efficiency and clarity in task management.

Project Dashboard:

Access all relevant project information, including live updates, task lists, clients’ requirements, and even their current status or feedback, through our intuitive project dashboard. It serves as a central hub for comprehensive project oversight.

Invoicing, Payments, and Procurement:

Effortlessly keep track of all invoices, enabling easy monitoring of your financial standing and allowing for budget projections. Our system streamlines the invoicing and payment processes while also facilitating efficient procurement management.

Site Dashboard:

The site dashboard is a comprehensive toolkit for a productive day’s work on your building project. It provides easy access to task lists, labor assignments, architect’s drawings, and other essential project resources, all in one convenient location.


Effortlessly track your workers’ hours on-site and associate them with specific tasks. Our user-friendly timesheet feature allows you to monitor their progress, track their current activities, and accurately measure task durations.

We do a lot more and have more in the pipeline, click here for more information.

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